Board of Directors

Don Allan
Don Allan President, CEO & Chairman

Mr. Allan has more than 30+ years of executive leadership experience including experience in debt and equity capital markets, strategy and planning, risk management and investor relations. Extensive background in business development, engineering, marketing and project development. Mr. Allan was runner-up for the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2007.

C. Robin Ray
C. Robin Ray Director

Mr. Ray is a Certified General Accountant. Since 1995 Mr. Ray has been a partner in the general accounting firm, MacNevin & Ray. Mr. Ray served from April 2001 to August 30, 2011 as the Chief Financial Officer & as a Director of MLB Industries Inc. Mr. Ray brings extensive business experience to Cielo.

Mel Angeltvedt
Mel Angeltvedt Director

Mr. Angeltvedt has 30yrs experience in the oil and gas industry in process and production as well as on the service sector. Mr Angeltvedt has been the President of Bozco Enterprises since its conception in 1998. Mr Angeltvedt brings experience based business knowledge and will be a valuable advisor on the financing, construction, operation and expansion of Cielo to the board.

Doug MacKenzie
Doug MacKenzie Director

Mr. MacKenzie, a former oil industry executive, has over 30 years experience as a senior executive, strategist and innovator in the ethanol and biofuels industry. Mr. MacKenzie was the previous President of Permolex International. Mr. MacKenzie’s prior roles included Executive Vice President (refining and marketing) at Suncor and Senior Vice President at PetroCanada. He has been involved extensively in community volunteer activities. His education includes MBA(York), Management Science(Stanford) and Bachelor Science in Engineering Physics (U of Alberta, with Distinction).

Chris Dovbniak
Chris Dovbniak Director

Mr. Dovbniak is a retired instrumentation/electrical technician with a vast array of supervisory and planning expertise. Chris has over 30 years of process management, control and purchasing experience. Mr. Dovbniak has extensive experience in holding board held positions on non-profit and for profit corporations. Mr. Dovbniak comes with an enthusiastic, optimistic, attitude and will prove to be very advantageous with providing advice throughout engineering and construction of the facilities.

Lionel Robins
Lionel Robins Director

Mr. Robins is a serial entrepreneur residing in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Mr. Robins is actively involved in the local community and is the principal of a number of local businesses, including a trucking company, five car-dealerships and a real-estate company. Mr. Robins currently sits on the Board of Directors of STARS Air Ambulance and is the Chairman of their Foundation Committee. Mr. Robins is also a co-founder and the CEO of Renewable U Energy Inc., which has entered into four memorandums of understanding with Cielo, directly or through its subsidiaries, to build green joint venture renewable diesel fuel facilities in Grande Prairie, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, Alberta.