Board of Directors

Don Allan
Don Allan President & CEO

Don Allan has more than 30+ years of executive leadership experience, including experience in debt and equity capital markets, strategy and planning, risk management and investor relations. Mr. Allan has an extensive background in business development, engineering, marketing and project development.

Peter MacKay
Peter MacKay Director

The Honorable Peter MacKay will be providing strategic advice and invaluable guidance on government and public services, industry practice, infrastructure, and economic development. Mr. MacKay will be representing the company as a catalyst to Cielo’s growth.

Jasdeep Dhaliwal
Jasdeep Dhaliwal Director

Jasdeep Dhaliwal is a Chartered Professional Accountant with an extensive experience in risk management, financial reporting process and internal controls, along with governance and strategic guidance. Ms. Dhaliwal has previously worked with large public entities listed on North American markets.

Doug MacKenzie
Doug MacKenzie Director

Doug MacKenzie, a former oil industry executive, has over 30 years’ experience as a senior executive, strategist and innovator in the ethanol and biofuels industry. Mr. MacKenzie’s prior roles included: President of Permolex International, Executive VP (Refining and Marketing) at Suncor, and Senior VP at PetroCanada. 

Chris Dovbniak
Chris Dovbniak Director

Chris Dovbniak is a retired instrumentation/electrical technician with a vast array of supervisory and planning expertise. Mr. Dovbniak has over 30+ years of process management, control and purchasing experience. Mr. Dovbniak has extensive experience in holding board held positions on non-profit and for-profit corporations.

Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Director

Ryan Jackson is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in real estate, finance, franchise businesses, and green technology. Mr. Jackson is a spirited entrepreneur with great vision and insight and has extensive board experience. Mr. Jackson will deliver that experience and governance to the Cielo Board.