Management Team

Don Allan
Don Allan President & CEO

Don Allan has more than 30+ years of executive leadership experience, including experience in debt and equity capital markets, strategy and planning, risk management and investor relations. Mr. Allan has an extensive background in business development, engineering, marketing and project development.

Stephanie Li
Stephanie Li Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Li spent 15 years as a specialist in high-growth environments, working with publicly traded entities operating domestically and internationally. She has previously served as Director of Finance and Controller for a publicly traded entity with over $4 billion asset value.  Cielo will benefit from her experience in capital markets and her high level of negotiation skills in business transactions.

Dr. Roderick Facey
Dr. Roderick Facey Chief Technology Advisor

Dr. Roderick Facey is a professional engineer with a doctorate degree in engineering from UofA. Dr. Facey is also a chemical, systems and process engineering specialist with several years of experience in refinery technologies. Dr. Facey leads the Cielo engineering and design team, which continues to refine and develop advancements in renewable diesel technology and production methodologies.

Stuart McCormick
Stuart McCormick Vice President of Environment

Stuart McCormick is a professional civil/environmental engineer with 30+ years’ experience, and an accomplished entrepreneur with excellent working knowledge of multiple industries. Mr. McCormick has an extensive experience in engineering science and technology, safe operations, strategic planning, project management, sales and marketing, financial analysis, and capital allocation.

Lionel Robins
Lionel Robins Chief Operating Officer

Lionel Robins has 20+ years of senior management and C-suite experience. Mr. Robins, a process and results-driven businessman, is skilled in project management, corporate finance, and recruiting and training high-impact teams. 

Raphael Bohlmann
Raphael Bohlmann Vice President of Marketing

Raphael Bohlmann has 25+ years of corporate experience in marketing and management with building and developing teams within companies. Mr. Bohlmann, a critical thinker, has full comprehension of all marketing tools and initiatives including brand and strategy solutions.

Shawn Frenette
Shawn Frenette Vice President of Global Development

Shawn Frenette has over 20+ years of experience working with rapidly growing and changing companies. Mr. Frenette has both the USA and Canadian accounting experience as well as public markets. Mr. Frenette spent the past 10 years as a co-owner with the SSCR Corporate Solutions consulting group in Red Deer.

Mark Haldane
Mark Haldane Project Manager

Mark Haldane has 32+ years of experience in fabricating, designing, constructing facilities. Mr. Haldane has an extensive process engineering and project management experience.